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SAIGE 2023 Virtual Conference

October 2023

Submissions are due by March 27, 2023


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We live in a vast, diverse, and growing global community. The over 8 billion people who comprise our planet’s population represent various races, ethnicities, cultures, belief systems, abilities, socioeconomic statuses, sexual and gender identities, and the list could continue. Strong considerations should be given to our diverse global community due to the increased focus on globalization within counseling, supervision, and counselor education.  Through technology and other various means, our immense world is becoming more interconnected and counselors need to learn how to work across and within those cultural differences.


Therefore, Society for Sexual, Affectional, Intersex, and Gender Expansive Identities (SAIGE), a division of the American Counseling Association (ACA), is proud to announce the theme of its 2023 virtual conference: Transforming Global LGBTGEQIAP+ Mental Health. The SAIGE 2023 conference seeks to bring awareness to our global community in order to expand our own professional considerations and competency. We hope to develop our members’ awareness of attitudes and beliefs, as well as sharpen knowledge, skills, and actions to improve quality of counseling, services, and education that is provided to our clients, supervisees, and students.


As you consider topics to present, we hope you think creatively and interactively. Proposals that include interactive elements – inviting participant dialogue, modeling strategies, examining topics relevant to the conference theme, encouraging critical inquiry, demonstrating informed action, and emphasizing interdisciplinary integration – are encouraged! Presenters are also encouraged to go beyond basic LGBTGEQIAP+ knowledge, if applicable, to provide advanced content to conference attendees.

When considering your submission, please note that while all submissions should relate to the LGBTGEQIAP+ community, preference will be given to presentations related to multiculturalism, diversity, and globalization. As this is a virtual conference, presenters should consider several factors when deciding whether to submit a proposal:


  • Basic technology competency
  • Access to reliable means to record their presentation
  • All proposed sessions will be considered to be a 50-Minute Education Session
  • If accepted, recorded presentations will be due by July 31, 2023


Presentation proposals can be submitted at: Specific questions or inquiries should be directed to Dr. Suzy Wise at [email protected] or Dr. Rob McKinney at [email protected]. On behalf of the SAIGE 2023 Conference Committee, we look forward to receiving your presentation proposal!

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Our division of the American Counseling Association is a home for Queer and Trans Counselors, Ally Counselors, and Advocates to connect and grow.

Our focus is on building competence for all mental health specialists so that all LGBTGEQIAP+ individuals can find a safe and affirming space to heal.

We promote research and education that furthers the counseling field in working with LGBTGEQIAP+ people of intersecting identities.

We mentor new professionals and emerging leaders in the field of counseling LGBTGEQIAP+ clients.

We connect and work closely with ACA and other ACA divisions in order to promote multicultural competence and social justice. We advocate for LGBTGEQIAP+ clients in communities, mental health systems, and public policy.


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