LGBTQI+ Rights

As counselors, we are ethically required to work towards social justice for all clients. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) tracks human rights issues across the United States.

Conversion therapy

Conversion Therapy

Many states are working towards passing bans on the very unethical and damaging conversion therapy.

See where your state stands: Check the Conversion Therapy Ban Tracker.

Discrimination in Education, Employment, Housing & Public Accomodations

Many states still allow discrimination against queer and/or trans people.

LGBT Discrimination
freedom to discriminate

Freedom to Discriminate in Healthcare

So-called Freedom of Religion laws have been passed to allow healthcare practitioners, including counselors, to cite value conflicts to deny services to LGBTGEQIAP+ people.

Check out if your state is attempting to pass legislation affecting LGBTQ people and their rights: Check the ACLU Tracker.

Gender Marker Changes on Identification

Many states still do not allow trans and non-binary persons to change their gender on their identification documents. Because this process is lengthy, expensive, and not allowed in some states, our clients face having to present identification and insurance cards that out them and do not match their identity.

hate crimes

Hate Crimes

LGBTGEQIAP+ communities face hate crimes, however, they are not protected in every state by hate crime laws.