Letter from the Editor

Thank you for your interest in the Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling, the national, peer-reviewed journal of SAIGE, a division of the American Counseling Association. The Journal is distributed quarterly by Taylor & Francis.

What makes our journal unique is its primary focus on cutting-edge empirical research, best practices, and emerging trends and issues focused on counseling the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual, or other affectional and gender expansive communities at all developmental stages of life.

We publish articles focused on content areas that have direct counseling implications for members of our queer and trans communities in settings that represent the diverse contexts in which our readers work including schools, mental health agencies, colleges and universities, substance abuse treatment facilities, the criminal justice system, religious organizations, private practices, and medical centers.

Although all submitted manuscripts will be assessed for appropriateness and considered for publication, we especially encourage submissions from clinicians working in the field, educators conducting cutting edge research, and collaborations between educators and graduate students.

We hope you find the Journal valuable.

Michael P. Chaney, Ph.D., LPC, ACS


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Guidelines for Authors

The Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling publishes articles focused on issues and concerns related to the mental health and well being of LGBTGEQIAP+ individuals, families, and communities.  The intent is to offer a variety of ideas and perspectives for counselors and related professionals who work with LGBTGEQIAP+ people, their families, and communities.  As such, submitted articles should focus on one of the following areas:

Research Studies:
Articles within this focus represent qualitative and/or quantitative studies that contribute new understanding to the fields of counseling and/or counselor education as it relates to LGBTGEQIAP+ people. These manuscripts should include an introduction, review of the literature, methodology, data analyses, results, and discussion.  Implicit in these are clear descriptions of the studies purpose and implications for counseling, counselor training, and future research.

New/Innovative Practices:
Articles within this focus represent ways of approaching counseling, counselor education, training, supervision, or program design that reflect new ideas or innovative approaches that are grounded in counseling theory and/or research.

Conceptual Articles:
Submissions in this focus represent original thinking related to the theory and practice of counseling.  These might include a review of the literature, which critiques and integrates previously stated ideas; a presentation of new theoretical perspectives, or perhaps addressing a new way of utilizing previously published work.

The Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling expects authors to follow the most current ACA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.  Further publication information for authors can be found at https://www.tandfonline.com/action/authorSubmission?journalCode=wlco20&page=instructions.

The Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling receives all manuscript submissions electronically via its ScholarOne Manuscripts portal located at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/LGBTIC.


Editorial Review Board

Michael P. Chaney, Ph.D., LPC, ACS

Oakland University

Assistant to the Editor
Carol Burns-Wortham, MA, LPC
Oakland University

Roberto L. Abreu
Tennessee State University

Whitney P. Akers
The University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Randall L. Astramovich

Idaho State University

Michael D. Brubaker

University of Cincinnati

Christian D. Chan

Idaho State University

Devika Dibya Choudhuri

Eastern Michigan University

Deanna N. Cor
Portland State University

Joseph Currin
Texas Tech University

Frank R. Dillon
Arizona State University

Franco Dispenza
Georgia State University

Ned Farley

Antioch University Seattle

Misty M. Ginicola

Southern Connecticut State University

Kristopher Goodrich

University of New Mexico

Jennifer H. Greene
Texas State University

Tonya R. Hammer
Oklahoma State University-Tulsa

Amney Harper

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Randolph D. Hubach
Oklahoma State University,
Center for Health Sciences

Richard A. Isenberg

Private Practice

Hansori Jang

University of Toledo

Pamela S. Lassiter

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Lamerial McRae
Stetson University

Jeff Moe
Old Dominion University

David B. Peterson

California State University Los Angeles

Jeff Peterson
University of Colorado

Amber L. Pope
Private Practice, Greensboro, NC

Jonathan Procter
Long Island University

Chester R. Robinson
Texas A&M University-Commerce

Philip A. Rutter
Widener University

Valerie L. Schwiebert
Private Practice

Jack D. Simons

Mercy College

Hemla Singaravelu

Webster University

Megan Speciale
Palo Alto University

Cortny Stark
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

John Super
University of Central Florida

Cory Viehl

City University of Seattle

Joshua C. Watson

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Joy S. Whitman
Northwestern University

Ed Wierzalis

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Richmond D. Wynn

University of North Florida

Eunhui Yoon

Seattle Pacific University

Anthony Zazzarino
Rutgers University

Robert J. Zeglin
University of North Florida

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