Queer & Trans Advocacy

Our Public Policy Committee provides assistance for our members on local, state, and national public policy issues impacting LGBTGEQIAP+ clients.

Even though we have made much progress for Queer and Trans rights, there are many continued Social Justice Issues that continue to impact the lives of our clients, as well as our counseling work with our clients.

SAIGE seeks to assist our members with advocacy efforts, as well as to provide specific statements for use by state and regional organizations.

Below we include our previous statements and responses.


Read SAIGE's endorsement of Equitable Access to Competent Counseling: Mandatory Education on Counseling Transgender and Nonbinary Individuals, Families, Groups, and Communities from an Intersectional Perspective (2020).

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Need Assistance with Advocacy?

Our public policy committee responds to and assists members with LGBTQIAPG+ advocacy efforts.