In an effort to make the initialism inclusive of multiple identities and to be stated with increased ease, rather than add repeated letters, we have included multiple identities within each letter. With the recognition that no abbreviation of our communities' identities are perfect, this is not intended to disrespect any identity, but rather to provide the most inclusive initialism as a starting point to discuss and advocate for our shared communities' identities and rights and our individual identities.

  • L = Lesbian
  • G = Gay
  • B = Bisexual
  • T = Trans, Transgender; & Two-Spirit (2S; Native Identity)
  • GE = Gender Expansive
  • Q = Queer; & Questioning
  • I = Intersex
  • A = Agender; Aromantic; and/or Asexual
  • P = Pansexual; Pan/Polygender; & Poly Relationship Systems
  • + = We continue to be Inclusive of Other Related Identities by Being Committed to Ever-Expanding, Learning, & Growing the Acronym and Our Understanding of These Identities