Mentoring Awards

SAIGE Counseling Program Award

2019 Idaho State University


SAIGE Emerging Leaders Award

2020 New Professional Vincent Marasco
Doctoral Carlos Flores
Master's H Smith
2019 New Professional Whitney Akers
Doctoral Mickey White
Master's Jordan Wescott
2018 New Professional Eunhui Yoon
Doctoral Rob McKinney
Master's Michael Desposito


SAIGE Graduate Student Award

2019 Harvey Peters
2018 Rachel Henesy
2017 Whitney Akers
2016 Christian Chan
2015 Matthew Beck
2014 Catherine Griffith
2013 Jared Rose
2011 Joel Filmore
2008 Philip Gnika
2007 Tracey Gagne
2006 Kathryn Newton
2005 Anneliese Singh


SAIGE Mentor Award

2019 Kristopher Goodrich
2018 Patrick Faircloth
2017 Melissa Luke
2016 Anneliese Singh
2015 Michael Kocet
2014 Amney Harper
2013 Robert Mate
2012 Ed Cannon
2011 Joy Whitman
2008 Mark Pope

Research Awards

SAIGE Research Grant

2019 Professional Rob McKinney Gay Males' Experience of Pursuing Couples Counseling
Student Jordan Pearce Masters-Level counseling Graduates' Preparedness to Work with Intimate Partner Violence Among LGBTQ Clients
Transgender Ana Reyes Centralizing the Voices and Experiences of Microagressions of Queer Womxn of Color in Counseling
2018 Professional Kristen Lister, Christian Chan, Randall Astramovich & Vincent Marasco Counselors Making Sense of Their Experiences with Ally Identity:  Promoting In-Depth Exploration of Allyship with LGBTQ+ Communities
Student Mickey White A Qualitative Inquiry of How Black Transgender Men Navigate Systems of Oppression
2017 Professional Catherine Griffith (Professional) & Scott Greenspan (Student) LGBTQ Middle School and High School Students’ Perceptions of School-Based Athletics
Student Haley Wikoff (Student) & Meredith Rausch (Professional) “We Have to do What?!”: Understanding the Experiences of Lesbian Couples Navigating the Fertility Process
Transgender Michael Mariska (Professional) & Desmond Stern (Student) Reactive Shielding in Transgender Clients
2016 Professional Rodney Parks & Jesse Parish
Student Claudia Howe & Paulina Flash


Outstanding Article Award

 2019 Marcela Matos, Sergio A. Carvalho, Marina Cunha, Ana Galhardo & Carlos Sepodes. 2017 Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling.  "Psychological Flexibility and Self-Compassion in Gay and Heterosexual Men:  How They Relate to Childhood Memories, Shame, and Depressive Symptoms".

Service Awards

SAIGE Joe Norton Award

2019 NOAGE - The New Orleans Advocates for GLBT Elders
2018 Georgia Safe Schools Coalition
2017 Gender Spectrum
2015 Zebra Coalition
2014 The Life Foundation
2013 Midwest Trans & Queer Wellness Initiative
2011 The Trevor Project
2008 Life Foundation
2007 Ruth Ellis Center, Detroit
2006 Project Interaction, McGill University, Montreal
2005  Joanne DeMark
2004 Keith Spare
2003 GLBT Service Center of Orange County California
2002 PFLAG of New Orleans
2001 John Garcia
2000 Robert Washington
1999 Fernando Gutierrez
1998 Richard Yep
1997 Brooke and Joan Collison
1996 Joyce Breasure
1995 Bob Rhode
1993 Michael Hutchins
1992 Barry Losinsky
1991 Sari Dworkin and Stuart Loomis
1990  Jamie Washington and Diane Hulse-Killacky
1989 Olivia Espin
1988 Bob Rhode and Mary McGhee
1987 Joe Norton and Barbara Yanico


SAIGE Legal Award


SAIGE Ned Farley Service Award

2019 Christian Chan
2018 Jared Rose
2017 Jennifer Gess
2016 Ned Farley
2015 Laura B. Farmer
2014 Michael Chaney
2013 Shana Cole
2012 Kristopher Goodrich
2011 Ed Cannon
2008 Cyndy Boyd
2007 Karen Hartman
2006 Susan Seem
2005 Rob Mate
2004 Kathleen Ritter
2003 Mark Pope
2002 Sari Dworkin
2001 Colleen Logan
2000 Bob Barret
1999 Rita Drapkin


SAIGE Presidential Service Award

2019 Michael Kocet
2018 Jeff Gowing


SAIGE Public Health Award

2019 Joe Currin


Social Justice

SAIGE Anneliese Singh Queer and Trans People of Color Award

2019 Anneliese Singh


SAIGE Mark Pope Social Justice & Advocacy 

2019 Mark Pope